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Дата публикацииНазваниеАвтор(ы)
2017Adaptation reactions to the educational process of medical students with different levels of anxietyVarahabhatla, Vamsi
2016Coexistence of chest tuberculosis and clostridium difficile infections in children and items of its controlVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Варахабхатла, Вамсі
2017Features of the psycho-emotional state of students during the sessionVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Варахабхатла, Вамсі; tutor : аs. рrof. Yu. Volkova
2016Formation of the local humoral immunity in the stomach of rats in norm and after intrauterine antigenic injectionVarahabhatla, Vamsi
2016Hypothalamus and its role in blood pressure regulation and hypertension developmentVarahabhatla, Vamsi
2017Importance of a doctor in today’s societyVinisha, Tekwani; Varahabhatla, Vamsi
2016Influence of computer games on the health and quality of students academic performanceVarahabhatla, Vamsi
2017Neuropsychiatric and behavioural problems in children with allergic diseasesVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Tekwani, Vinisha; Zinchenko, T. P.; Зінченко, Тетяна Петрівна
2017Oxidative stress in patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis with specific lesions of the bronchiVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Варахабхатла, Вамсі; tutor: asst. prof. R. N. Yasinskyi
2017Pathomorphosis of psychiatric illnesses after traumatic brain injury (TBI)Varahabhatla, Vamsi; Katnam
2016Prognostic role of Sokolow-Lyon phenomenon in further development of the left ventricular hypertrophy in adolescents with arterial hypertensionVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Patsera, M. V.
2017The effectiveness of papaya leaf extract in treatment of dengue feverVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Katnam; Tekwani; Burra
2017To study the cognitive disorders in patients of young age who suffered from brain strokeVarahabhatla, Vamsi; Sahithi, Katnam
Отображение результатов 1 до 13 из 13


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